Our Full-Service Offering

Clients of AH Asset Solutions trust us to manage their redundant assets. This maximises value whilst adopting our pain-free process, designed to maximise client control with minimal resource. For those seeking a maximum Return on Investment, AH provide the perfect exit solution for both surplus and end-of-life assets.

AH Asset Solutions recognises that simply selling an asset by auction may in isolation, not deliver a satisfactory outcome. Each sale needs to be carefully planned and executed from initial valuation through to successful dispatch of goods. The AH process supports its clients by:

Initial Assessment of surplus assets in order to determine:

  • Assets without a market value - conduct a scrap auction.
  • Assets that have a market value - conduct an industrial auction.

Based on our Initial Assessment we can provide a guide price for assets to be sold:

Create an appropriate sale based upon asset type and value

  • List and create lots for assets within a sales event in order to generate maximum exposure.
  • List and create lots for assets within a sales event in order to attract targeted buyers.
  • List and create lots for assets in order to provide maximum impact within our on-line auction platform.

Provide advice on the appropriate marketing methodology for each sales event, including but not limited to:

  • Online marketing.
  • Direct marketing to existing purchaser data-base.
  • Online marketing within specialist industry journals and publications.
  • Hard copy advertising within specialist industry journals and publications.
  • Creation of sales brochures and catalogues.

Provide event-based sale support from the potential purchasers by handling:

  • Technical enquiries.
  • Commercial enquiries.
  • Logistical enquiries.

AH Assets Solutions will create and run the online sales event including:

  • ​​Verification and uploading of assets, including appropriate detailed description and photographs. 
  • Management of the sales event including ​​​start timings, ​​​lot extension calculation (asset dependent), ​​​closing of each sale, ​​​creation of a bid table, ​​​communication with winning and losing bidders.
  • Closing and archiving of each sale.
  • Provision of a complete audit report for total transparency.

We can prepare invoicing information (if required)

  • AH provide a self billing option. Via our regulated client bank account, self billing enables our clients to extend the whole process to now include settlement. Once the sale is complete AH will remit the proceeds directly to the sellers nominated bank account, producing the necessary accounting paperwork as part of the process.

Collections and logistics with purchasers can also be coordinated through us.

  • Where clients require it, AH will conduct and manage the load out and collections of purchased assets. Coordinating with buyer and seller, AH strive to ensure that the collections of goods operates as smoothly as possible for both seller and buyer alike.